Easy presence detection with Bluetooth beacons

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Our first product is a WiFi-connected Bluetooth beacon detector. Check out how it works.

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About Us

Happy Bubbles is a different kind of IoT company. The happiest bubbles are the ones you create for yourself, not ones that others force you into. We believe that the products you purchase are your own and should be accountable to you, not the company that made them. That is why our products are open-source and open-hardware. They are designed to run on your own network and not rely on other people's 'cloud' services unless you want them to. Know exactly what you're getting and what it's doing on your network.

Happy Bubbles devices wouldn't be possible without the hard work of other open source and open hardware projects such as NodeMCU, esp-link, mbed, and many others. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and want to give back and encourage you to modify and enhance your Happy Bubbles devices to fit your needs. We hope you'll share your modifications too and buy a few devices from us. Happy Bubbles products are designed in Chicago, USA and made in Shenzhen, China with our partners at FlyLin Consulting, Dangerous Prototypes, and Xuntong Technology.

Clear skies, no clouds
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